If you have facial palsy or know anyone with it, please consider taking or having them take this questionnaire on surveys that are currently completed by facial palsy patients nationwide. You do not need to be a patient of the Center for Facial Recovery, and you do not need to know the referenced surveys or complete them in order to take this questionnaire. We aim to introduce your responses to ongoing discussions on facial palsy survey design.

* 1. How do you feel your condition is progressing?

* 2. Which survey best addresses your physical experiences with facial palsy?

* 3. Which survey best addresses your social experiences with facial palsy?

* 4. Which survey best addresses your emotional experiences with facial palsy?

* 5. Which survey is the easiest to take, without guessing, estimation, or skipping?

* 6. Which survey is the hardest to take, and do you find yourself guessing, estimating, or skipping?

* 7. Which survey do you think needs adjusting?

* 8. Which survey would you not adjust?

* 9. Which survey do you find the most fatiguing?

* 10. Would you rather take surveys after therapy sessions?