Tursi's Task List

I've reached my maximum and won't see further updates here. It costs too much for a silly survey like this, so hang tight and when I get a little closer I'll repost on my own webpage with a more dynamic script. Thanks for participating - watching the responses here has educated me a bit and I'll carry the votes I have over when I update it (give me a couple more months and then we'll start moving...)

* 1. Incomplete project priority list. Prioritize these projects by ranking their importance. N/A means don't do at all. 1 is low importance, and 5 is most important.

  1 2 3 4 5 N/A
Super Space Acer (ColecoVision) - Space shooting game
Wizard's Doom Cart (TI-99/4A) - Porting Wizard's Doom to a stand-alone UberGROM cartridge
Genesis arcade bartop - this is just for me, but I'll post pics ;)
Multiple Personality Distorter (TI-99/4A) - BIOS replacement that runs various versions of the console
Ball Music Player (TI-99/4A) - includes fixes to compressed music player which also benefits ColecoVision
RXB Accelerator (TI-99/4A) - experiment - it may not work. Accelerated RXB cartridge concept.
File System Updates (Classic99) - bring Classic99 emulator's file system in line with my own specifications

* 2. Select titles I should work on in the future, andĀ for which platforms. Leave blank for no opinion. And yes, I know you don't know what some of these are. Use your imagination! :)

Once I actually start in, many of the options for system will disappear as I work out what is actually doable, but for now it's a show of interest.

  Unity (Multiple) Atari 2600 Atari Jaguar Sega Genesis ColecoVision TI-99/4A Dreamcast GBA 3DS (homebrew) Android NES Lynx Apple 2e NeoGeo Pocket libRetro Arcade (PC)
Rithandren - brawler concept game.
Classic99 400 - Rewrite for modern code
Variant Shadows - action puzzler
Cool Herders - porting the newer DS version
Super Space Acer - porting the Coleco version
Creature of the Maze IV - Dungeon Crawler
Mist - 'Jaglion' Metroidvania Concept (long shot)
MLP Platformer (long shot)
PS/2 Keyboard Update (TI-99/4A)
Rawhide Console - ColecoVision clone (long shot)
Trixie's new show on SL (click any for yes)
Arcade Tempest 2000 patches (Jaguar)
MLP/Phoenix Wright Crossover (long shot)
SHOUT VOIP Setup (long shot, click any for yes)
Ball shooter (action/physics)
Music Player/Visualization Collection for TI
"Castlevania" walkthrough for TI (demo, not a game)
puCE man (PacMan CE based)
Flipside Pinball (videogame, not physical)
Cool Herders Karts (every franchise needs a cart game)
Online Horse Training/Racing Sim
MLP: Darkness Rising (port Daza's RPG)
Super Space Acer X (3D Sequel)