Village of Orland Park Seeks Residents’ Feedback.

The Joint Emergency Telephone System Board (911 Board) was established in 1990. It consists of five members that include, a civilian chairperson, Orland Park Police Chief, Orland Park Administration Commander, Orland Park Director of Support Services, and a representative from the Orland Hills Police Department, as we contract dispatch for the Village of Orland Hills.  This is a statutory board that operates under the auspices of state law and Title 2, Chapter 9 of the Village Code.  The 911 board funds the majority of the operations of dispatch especially the CAD system and for other dispatch equipment such as radios, mobile data computers and related equipment.

The following duties include, but need not be limited to:
•Planning a 911 system.
•Coordinating and supervising the implementation, upgrading or maintenance of the system, including the establishment of equipment specifications and coding systems.
•Receiving monies from the surcharge imposed under Section 50 ILCS 750/15.3 and from any other source, for deposit into the Emergency Telephone System Fund.
•Authorizing all disbursements from said fund.
•Hiring, on a temporary basis, any staff necessary for the implementation or upgrade of the system.
•To adopt bylaws providing for its procedures, organization, and officers; provided, however,
•that the Village of Orland Park shall be the custodian of the Emergency Telephone System funds.
•To do all things related to the purposes for which it was created not prohibited by law.

•Required by state statute
•Works with other agencies
The village is inviting residents to offer input on the 17 advisory boards and commissions currently part of local government.

We appreciate your participation.

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