Cole Camp R-1 School District Survey

Cole Camp R-1 is in the process of creating a new comprehensive school improvement plan.  Your input is vital to this process!  We want to know your thoughts about how we can improve in a variety of areas.  Please complete the following survey and record any additional comments you might have.

* 1. 1.  What is your primary role in the district?

* 2. The focus of the district is on student achievement.

* 3. Students in the district have high academic achievement.

* 4. All students are valued in the district.

* 5. Help for struggling students is available.

* 6. Opportunities for advanced students are available.

* 7. District staff care about students and seek to help them learn.

* 8. CCHS graduates are ready to enter the work force, armed services, or college.

* 9. CCHS graduates have an appropriate computer skill set to be successful in college and/or work.

* 10. Students feel safe at school.

* 11. Teachers make learning interesting for students.

* 12. Students learn information that will help them in the future or is important for them to know.

* 13. District buildings are clean, well-kept, and safe.

* 14. Transportation in the district is appropriate for the needs of the students.

* 15. Technology resources are available to all students.

* 16. Parents are encouraged to be partners in their students' education.

* 17. Student achievement, concerns , and strategies are communicated with parents in an appropriate and timely manner.

* 18. The relationship between the school district and community is one of respect.

* 19. The Board of Education makes decisions that are focused on students.

* 20. The district spends taxpayers' dollars responsibly.

* 21. The board policies of the Cole Camp R-1 School District are effective.

* 22. Summer school opportunities for students are beneficial to enhance learning for students.

* 23. Expanded preschool programming opportunities for early learners is a district need.

* 24. Cole Camp R-1 should expand its district facilities. Please explain in the comment section.

* 25. Cole Camp R-1 offers a competitive salary and benefit package compared to surrounding districts.

* 26. Cole Camp R-1 effectively communicates district information, news, and events.

* 27. Please record any further ideas for improvement not addressed in the above questions.