Welcome to the NSP Subaru ambassador application

Thank you for participating in our survey. We look forward to reviewing your application


Each applicant must be a current NSP member, plan to stay current during the 2018/2019 season and complete this survey by July 31, 2018 at midnight Mountain Time.

Subaru/NSP Ambassadors for 2018-2019 will be chosen during the month of August 2018 and will be notified in late August or early September 2018. Only finalists will be contacted.

Each Subaru/NSP Ambassador will have the use of an NSP wrapped Subaru vehicle for approximately 10-12 months. Each of the Subaru/NSP Ambassadors will receive the vehicle in the fall upon delivery to a dealership close to the Ambassador’s home.

Applicants will be chosen based on 4 different categories:

  1. 3 Ambassadors: will be chosen for their social media presence (i.e. # of followers) and their ability and willingness to post about their experiences as a patroller and about driving the vehicle.
  2. 2 Ambassadors: will be chosen for the amount of events they will attend with the vehicle. Both NSP events and other events will be weighed in selecting these drivers.
  3. 3 Ambassadors: will be chosen for their ability to tell the story of an outdoor enthusiast. These drivers should embody the values of both brands and be able to articulate the connection of those values to their work as a patroller. Examples are: someone who has patrolled for years and has driven a Subaru during that time, someone who adopted a dog and now patrols with their dog, etc. These drivers will be profiled on the NSP website and the Subaru website.
  4. 1 Ambassador: will be chosen for their summer patrolling. This driver should be a ski and bike patroller who loves patrolling year-round and can incorporate the vehicle into that all-year patrol lifestyle.
Each applicant must indicate in their application the category to which they wish to apply.

All applicants must read the rules below and agree to them in the Subaru Ambassador Application (to be distributed via Survey Monkey).

Each Subaru/NSP Ambassador who is chosen must sign the following agreement before taking possession of the vehicle:

The use of a Subaru vehicle is a privilege granted by Subaru of America (SOA) to the National Ski Patrol (NSP). The use of the vehicle is not an entitlement; it is part of a larger strategy for Subaru to earn maximum exposure to winter and summer sports and outdoor enthusiasts through their partnership with the NSP. To support this partnership, the following guidelines were developed to help Subaru Ambassadors meet and/or exceed our expectations.
  • The vehicles are assigned by Subaru based on the results from the Subaru Ambassador Application. Vehicle assignment can begin once the NSP member is selected as a Subaru Ambassador or when new vehicles are delivered.
    • In order to receive a vehicle, the Subaru Ambassador must produce a registration of a personal vehicle for every member of their household (25 years or older).
    • The Subaru Ambassador will be responsible for picking up the vehicle at their local dealership.
    • Vehicles are not to be returned to a dealership unless the lease term for that vehicle is over and the Ambassador is instructed to do so by NSP’s national office or SOA.
  • The vehicle is to be driven primarily by the member selected as a Subaru Ambassador and not primarily by other members of the household.
    • Additional drivers must be approved by and registered with the national office.
    • The NSP national office will pull a DMV/MVR record check on each driver. Any driver with a DUI or DWUI in the past seven years will not be considered for a Subaru Ambassador position.
    • Ambassadors can allow other licensed drivers to test drive the vehicle, but the Ambassador must be in the vehicle for the duration of the drive. Test drives are short in duration and distance. The test driver must have a current, unsuspended, unrevoked driver’s license issued by their state of residence.
    • No one under the age of 25 may operate the vehicle at any time.
  • The vehicles are owned by SOA and are loaned to NSP to co-promote the SOA and NSP brands through exposure to outdoor enthusiasts and members of our communities.
  • NSP insures the vehicles with a $1,000 deductible, for which the Ambassadors are responsible in case of any damage to the vehicle.
    • The Ambassador will cover all costs associated with replacement of parts not covered under the insurance policy, which may include, but is not limited to, tires and windshield replacement or repair.
    • Except for routine preventive maintenance, the assigned Ambassador agrees to notify SOA and the NSP national office promptly of any mechanical repairs made to the SOA vehicle. All repairs must be performed by a SOA retailer.
  • The assigned Ambassador is responsible for completing all scheduled maintenance of SOA vehicles (oil changes, tire pressure, etc.) as well as all repairs resulting from normal wear and tear such as tires, windshields and brakes. SOA will cover all costs associated with scheduled maintenance.
  • All Ambassadors who exceed the Subaru Added Security Plan (4-5 general maintenance visits are covered up to 24,000 miles) must pay for the balance. Please have the dealership look up the balance, and if you exceed the amount please pay for it and submit a reimbursement request to NSP.
  • The Ambassador will be expected to return the vehicle or transfer the vehicle to the new Ambassador as directed by the national office in the same condition in which it was received.
    • Generally, that means the vehicle has no exterior or interior damage other than normal wear and tear, maintenance has been kept up to Subaru’s schedule contained in the owner’s manual, tires are road worthy, no cracks in windshields or other glass, all head rests/floor mats/accessories are intact and stay with the vehicle, etc. The vehicle should be washed and the interior cleaned.
    • If the vehicle is to be reallocated to another member, the wrap and all NSP provided accessories shall be left on or with the vehicle (i.e. ski racks, floor liners etc.)
    • If the vehicle is being returned to a dealership, All excess wear and tear items should be repaired and the vehicle washed. In addition, the wrap must be removed. Wrap removal is at the expense of the Ambassador.
    • All NSP accessories shall be taken out of the vehicle and either mailed to a new Ambassador at the direction of the NSP national office or returned to the national office.
  • It is the responsibility of the Ambassador to have proof of insurance in the vehicle at all times. It also is the responsibility of the Ambassador to ensure that registration is up to date on each vehicle. One month prior to expiration of registration, the Ambassador must contact the national office to start the paperwork. (On average, it takes 10-20 business days to process this paperwork.)
    • Drivers who do not have a current valid driver’s license or who have more than one moving violation in a 12-month period will not be considered for a Subaru Ambassador or driver position.
    • Any drivers who lose their license for any reason or acquire more than one moving violation in a 12-month period while they are a Subaru Ambassador or driver are required to notify the national office immediately and suspend further use of the vehicle.
      • If the violation is made by a driver, that driver will no longer remain an approved driver.
      • If the violation is made by the Subaru Ambassador, the national office and Subaru will assign the vehicle to a new Ambassador.
  • The Ambassador is responsible for all parking tickets, toll charges, and moving violations.
  • Each driver must be aware that driving while distracted can cause serious and sometimes fatal accidents and will use his or her best efforts to instruct and ensure that all drivers (1) do not use a vehicle phone/cell phone/portable computing device while driving vehicles, (2) comply with all applicable state and local laws pertaining to driver distraction, and (3) avoid distracting tasks while driving vehicles such as eating, personal grooming, etc.
  • Any incident or accident with the vehicle must be reported within 5 days to SOA, the NSP national office and the current insurance agency. There is an “Auto Accident Procedures” document that is in the vehicle glove box in case such an incident should occur. The police must be called in every situation so a police report can be included in the vehicle’s file.
  • All Ambassadors must be able to drive the vehicle at least 12,000 miles in a year. At the conclusion of each year, the Ambassador shall be responsible to Subaru for payment of excess mileage fees for any vehicle(s) driven more than 29,999 miles in accordance with the following schedule: 30,000 to 39,999 miles: $1,000; 40,000 to 49,999 miles: $2,000; 50,000 or more miles: $3,000.
    • Excess mileage fee will be waived if SOA requires NSP Ambassadors to keep vehicles beyond 12 months.
    • If the Ambassador feels that they will be close to or over the available mileage in the 12-month period, the Ambassador shall suspend driving the vehicle and only use it to attend events in order to not pay the above penalties.
    • NSP will not cover or reimburse any Ambassador for excess mileage charges.
  • Vehicles should be used for as many patrol shifts as possible each month during the ski season, unless it is being used for an event.
  • Ambassadors must participate in activation meetings with the national office once a quarter.
  • Social Media Ambassadors: Photos and/or videos of the vehicle should be posted on social media at least once a week. These posts can include events, patrolling related activities, outdoor activities, summer or winter sports, or anything else related to the NSP and Subaru brands.
  • Event Ambassadors: The vehicles should be at at least one event per month for maximum exposure to patrollers, industry partners, and the public. At these events, the vehicle should be parked at/near a booth. If there is no booth, the vehicle should be parked in a very visible location with maximum exposure to attendees, where many people will see or walk past the vehicles. Photos should be taken of attendees with the vehicle, and the Ambassador should post on social media at least post per event. Attending events can be accomplished through the following:
    • Subaru Winterfest events
    • Division or national NSP events
    • Large ski area events
    • Races and outdoor competitions
    • OEC refreshers, clinics, or other NSP programs
    • Ski swaps, ski shows, mountain bike events, or similar, where the vehicle gets maximum exposure.
  • Story-telling Ambassadors: These Ambassadors must work with the national office on a regular basis to provide content. This will include photos, videos, narratives and any other necessary content needed to tell your story. Stories will be told through social media, Ski Patrol Magazine, NSP’s website and other platforms.
  • Summer Ambassador: This Ambassador shall attend events, post on social media and tell their story throughout the summer months. The Ambassador should attend at least three events, post on social media at least once every two weeks, and produce at least one story throughout the summer months. In the winter, this Ambassador shall remain engaged in activating the vehicle.
  • If the Ambassador is unable to attend a large event in their area, the national office will work with you to ensure that another driver can bring the vehicle to that event. The vehicle may be loaned to a guest patroller to showcase at an event. There is a “Borrowed Vehicle Agreement” that must be completed and sent to the NSP national office 10 business days prior to loaning out the vehicle. The best way to make these arrangements is to clean the vehicle (inside and out), fill the gas tank, and inspect the vehicle for any damage at the time of the exchange. Then the borrower is responsible as outlined in the “Borrowed Vehicle Agreement”. Borrowed Vehicle Agreements should be sent to sbinns@nsp.org. Please allow 10 business days to process the form prior to loaning the vehicle.
  • All ambassadors will share content at least once a month on social media highlighting the partnership and the vehicle’s AWD capabilities. Ambassadors must post monthly social media content and/or photos via Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat or Instagram. Ambassador posts are to include the hashtags #subarusnow and #nspsubaru, in addition to other appropriate Subaru and NSP social media pages and campaigns.
  • Each month, the Ambassador is expected to complete a form that summarizes the previous month’s activities/events and forecasts the coming month’s showings. This form will be made available to Subaru Ambassadors every month.
  • All NSP Subaru vehicles can be fitted only with Yakima products (racks, boxes, hitches). Yakima is the exclusive rack partner of the NSP. It is important to NSP and Yakima that each vehicle displays a consistent brand message of the partnership between our companies.
  • When submitting expenses to their division or to the NSP national office, drivers can only submit gas receipts. Drivers will not be reimbursed for mileage.
  • Please notify the NSP national office of what you are doing before you pay for anything out of pocket.
  • Be very aware of how you are presenting yourself while driving. The vehicle is wrapped and the general public will call NSP and SOA to report on your behavior.

These guidelines are not all inclusive but were developed to help the Subaru Ambassador understand how the vehicle is to be used and what must be done to help maximize exposure to the skiing public and our industry partners. As issues arise, additional parameters may be added in an attempt to support the Ambassador’s assigned knowledge of what is expected for the use of these vehicles. Any driver who does not follow all of the above responsibilities may lose the ability to drive the vehicle. Please see Ambassador Review section below.

  • Each assigned Ambassador will have a quarterly review by NSP’s national office and SOA to see if they are implementing all the above requirements. If an Ambassador is not executing the requirements, they will be put on “probation” for the next month. At the end of that month, if they have fulfilled the requirements they will be taken off “probation;” if the authorized Ambassador has not executed the requirements, they relinquish the ability to be a Subaru Ambassador and the vehicle will be placed with a new Ambassador within 30 days.
  • Written notification of “probation” will be given to the Ambassador by the NSP Executive Director within 5 days of the probation period starting.
  • An Ambassador will be terminated from the program if his/her driving record becomes unacceptable to SOA.
  • Written notification of termination will be given to the Ambassador by the NSP Executive Director within 5 days of the termination.
  • If an Ambassador is terminated they must make every reasonable effort to help the NSP transfer the vehicle to the new Ambassador.
  • Failure to return the vehicle to a dealership, a new Ambassador or the national office within 30 days of the termination will result in a Code of Conduct violation, possible termination of NSP membership, or any other equitable remedy available to the partners.
If you are chosen as an NSP Subaru ambassador you will be expected to follow the guidelines listed above. By clicking YES you acknowledge that you have read and understand this information.

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* If you are chosen as an NSP Subaru ambassador you will be expected to follow the guidelines listed above. By clicking YES you acknowledge that you have read and understand this information.