The purpose of the survey is to collect information from parents of autistic children on what resources and information are needed in the community.

* 1. How old is your autistic child?

* 2. How old was your child when you received their diagnosis?

* 3. What were your perceptions about autism before diagnosis?

* 4. In what way was your child's diagnosis presented to you?

* 5. How did you feel at the time you received your child's diagnosis?

* 6. Have those feelings changed, if so how?

* 7. What information and/or resources were you given at the time of your child's Autism diagnosis and were those helpful (Check all that apply)

  Was not given Very helpful Somewhat helpful Not at all helpful
Autism Speaks 100 days tool kit
List of community resources
Book(s) that helped understand Autism
List of therapy providers

* 8. What are your current feelings about your child's autism diagnosis?

* 9. What things would you have benefited receiving information on immediately following your child's Autism diagnosis?

* 10. What resources/information do you believe would be beneficial to you now?