The 1st UCLG ASPAC Retreat on “Enhancing the United Voice of Cities and Local Governments in Meeting the Global Challenges” was held in Guangzhou, China, last 6-7 December 2018. The event featured intensive discussions and group exercises among forty participants, representing UCLG ASPAC members, Secretariat’s staff, partner organizations, UCLG ASPAC President, Co-President and Secretary General. The aim was two-folded: 1) to set out UCLG ASPAC’s Strategic Priorities for 2020-2022; and 2) to identify how UCLG ASPAC can best serve its members, taking into account their expected roles in and contribution to the global agendas. Outcomes of the discussions will shape the formulation of a strategic framework UCLG ASPAC in 2020-2022.

In order to ensure an inclusive consultation process and broad-based inputs among stakeholders, this online survey is being conducted. The survey questions are designed and structured according to the Retreat’s discussion outcomes, which can be categorized into three main areas: Institutional Development; Strategic Direction & Priorities; and Suggestions on Member Services. In this addition, the survey also seeks to collect members’ feedbacks on UCLG ASPAC’s communications tools and products. 

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