On May 6, 2021, the EIM Governing Body and the ISO Board of Governors jointly approved the EIM Governance Review Committee’s Part One proposal for enhancements to EIM governance. One of the proposed enhancements was the ability of the Governing Body to retain a market expert (GBME) to provide the body with advice on market issues.  

The EIM Governing Body is working to implement this enhancement, but first would appreciate the benefit of stakeholder input as it begins the hiring process. To that end, the Governing Body has developed the following brief survey for stakeholders to complete.
Survey Topics
We have identified the following three broad areas in which we would like to receive stakeholder input: (1) Scope of Issues the GBME Should Address; (2) Key Qualifications and Criteria for Selecting the GBME; and (3) Interactions with Stakeholders and the Stakeholder Process. Our questions for stakeholders follow.