Writing Skills and Experience

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25% of survey complete.

* 1. How would you rate yourself as a writer?

* 2. Have you ever written for an online or print publication?

* 3. If you answered yes to Question 2, please list the publications you have written for and include the length of your tenure at those publications, and any links to your published content.

* 4. How would you rate your capability to:

  Excellent Very Good Satisfactory Just OK Poor
Write quickly and concisely without suffering the obstacles of writer’s block or procrastination
Put the most important information up front, so readers can find it quickly
Make smooth transitions between sentences and paragraphs
Work under near-instant deadlines that sometimes require you to multitask to turn out multiple stories in rapid succession.
Use creative material to engage the reader, versus a dull, just-the-facts-ma’am approach
Incorporate the most powerful form of human communication — storytelling — into the piece
Present ideas in logical order, or order of importance to the reader
Translate numbers and otherwise clarify complex concepts with metaphor
Answer all questions and objections readers might have
Surprise and delight readers with wordplay
Come up with fresh ways to approach even repetitive topics and messages (as opposed to writing the same old story over and over again)
Take care not to bore readers with unnecessary detail
Gather the information you need to write copy that grabs and keeps reader attention
Create display copy — headlines, decks, callouts, cutlines and subheads, for instance — to communicate to flippers and skimmers
Edit your writing efficiently, without excessive or repetitive rewriting
Write online microcontent — links, headlines, and so forth — that gets the word out on the Web
My paragraphs usually start with the main point
Punctuate sentences correctly
Use proper grammar
Choose words that are correct and that express my meaning well
Remain consistent in capitalization of words, type style for headings, style for lists, indentation, etc.

* 5. How would you rate yourself as a transcriber?

* 6. Please check any Apple devices you currently own.