WPEB 88.1FM is a member supported, noncommercial, community radio station that provides West Philadelphia with a much-needed local, progressive, and accountable media outlet to serve as a voice for its many diverse communities.

WPEB’s programming is dedicated to empowering the West Philadelphia community by:

  • Encouraging communities to generate innovative programs reflecting our own issues, music and culture.
  • Promoting understanding and full respect of all people, regardless of ableness, age, class, ethnicity, gender, race, religion, and sexual orientation.
  • Encouraging news and public affairs programming that not only informs the community of issues but inspires people to act.
  • Providing a channel for music and cultural programming from communities, countries, and genres often silenced by mainstream media and the Philadelphia airwaves.

We affirm that radio is organized resistance and a tool to be used by social movements.


In an effort to reach a diverse audience, the WPEB Programming Committee will give special preference to applications for educational shows or programs focused on:

-  youth issues and concerns

-  issues related to organized labor

-  issues related to immigrant rights, concerns and culture

-  issues and concerns of diverse spiritual communities

-  issues and concerns related to movements and struggle for progressive social change

-  news and public affairs programming

-  discussing and advocating for public health

-  cultural expressions, including music, drama, and poetry.

WPEB gives a strong overall preference, although not exclusively, to applicants from marginalized, progressive communities within West Philadelphia.

WPEB Volunteer Programmers are expected to adhere to the these requirements. During your air shift, you are responsible for the proper operation of the station, which includes:
  • Signing the Program Log sign-in sheet as proof the broadcasters’ attendance at the station during his/her scheduled airtime.
  • Monitoring and reporting the status of the studio equipment during your scheduled air shift.
  • Making the station ID’s, PSA’s and PRA’s at required times.
  • Following a pre-planned format of your broadcast production.
  • Reading underwriting announcements exactly as written.
  • Keeping a playlist in the station for listener information, posting to the website, and providing information for artist and licensing agencies.
  • Making sure the studio and public areas of the station are clean and orderly.
  • Monitoring and documenting Emergency Alert broadcasts or rebroadcasts.
  • Maintaining the security of station and studio
  • You are required to contribute volunteer time to WPEB that is equal to the amount of time you broadcast a month. Time spent attending committee meetings, performing office tasks, fundraising for the station, and participating in outreach efforts on behalf of the station all count towards the required volunteer time.
Programmers will adhere to basic standards of programming quality as outlined in the training program, and all applicable FCC regulations and civil laws.

In order to submit a new show application, you must:

•  Serve on a station committee

•  Attend the Broadcasters’ Training Classes

•  Attend a broadcasters meeting

Thank you for sharing your program idea with WPEB. We will review this form as the first step in considering your show proposal. We will look to see if your show falls within our program mandate and could fill openings in our block-based schedule. If you have met all requirements, the programming c