Introduction and Consent

Project Title: The Impact of Assistive Technology Teacher Training for on Technology Education for Students with Visual
Impairments and Multiple Disabilities

Researcher: Jennifer Wheeler, Ph.D. student, University of Northern Colorado
Phone: (602) 616-6757
Faculty research advisor: Kay Ferrell, Ph.D., University of Northern Colorado
Department: Special Education
Phone: (970) 351-1653

Purpose and Description: Thank you so much for your consideration of this research study. Your responses will assist me in exploring the preparatory and field-based experiences of professionals who teach students with visual impairments and multiple disabilities how to use assistive technology. Though confidentiality cannot be completely guaranteed due to the nature of electronic data collection, participation in this study will be entirely voluntary and anonymous; no names, IP addresses, or identifying information will be collected or used in any way. You will not be asked during the survey to include your name, agency, or geographical location.

Your participation is welcome and very much appreciated! It will involve completing a short survey (15-20 minutes) in which you will be asked to respond to questions regarding training that you have received and that you provide to your students. The purpose of this study is to assist with developing future assistive technology programs that I hope will ultimately benefit you and your students.

All participants must:

1. Be 18 years of age or older
2. Work directly and currently as a teacher of students with visual impairments in an elementary or secondary educational setting with at least one student who has a documented visual impairment as well as at least one other documented disability or academic delay

The survey will contain questions divided into two sections:

1. Type and amount of assistive technology training you received in the university setting.
2. Type and amount of assistive technology education that your students with visual impairments and multiple disabilities receive in their classrooms.

This study involves risks or discomforts no greater than what traditionally occurs in an educational or professional environment. As a participant, you may not experience a direct benefit from this study, but your responses during the survey will contribute to a new and previously unexplored level of research that addresses the technology needs of students with visual impairments and multiple disabilities.

Your participation is voluntary. You may decide not to participate in this study and if you begin participation you may still decide to stop and withdraw at any time. Your decision will be respected and will not result in loss of benefits to which you are otherwise entitled. Having read the above, and having had an opportunity to ask any questions, please click the “Next” button below if you consent to participate in this study. If you have any concerns about your selection or treatment as a research participant, please contact Sherry May, IRB Administrator, Office of Sponsored Programs, 25 Kepner Hall, University of Northern Colorado Greeley, CO 80639; 970-351-1910.

Thank you so much for your consideration and for the contribution of your valuable time and expertise.