* 1. Why you need CD/DVD disc and case?

* 2. How often do you purchase CD/DVD record-able disc or case?

* 3. If you have favorable online store, where do you purchase CD/DVD recordable disc and case from?

* 4. What is your major consideration in your purchase decision?

* 5. How do you know about us?

* 6. Did you have purchase experience with LDBMART.com?

* 7. If you have any experience with us, how do you rate our overall performance?

  Excellent Good Neutral Not Satisfied Terrible Not Applicable
Shipping Promptness
Professionalism of Our Staffs
Knowledgeable Of Our Products
Quality of Products

* 8. Any Recommendation for our website or products? what are the products you want to buy today if any?

* 9. Thank you very much for your time. LDB Enterprises Inc appreciates your efforts and contributions to our survey.

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