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Please take a moment to give us your feedback about the Mid-Atlantic Marketing Summit Baltimore held on September 19th at Pier 5 Hotel in Baltimore.

* 1. Based on your experience, how likely are you to attend future Mid-Atlantic Marketing Summits?

* 2. Please rate the various attributes of the Mid-Atlantic Marketing Summit on September 19.

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Overall Conference

* 3. Please provide us your insights on the various presentations and keynotes:

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Opening Session: “Top Trends in Digital Marketing”
Keynote: Ben Savage, CMO, Flying Dog Brewery
Keynote: Seth Goldman, Co-Founder and TeaEO, Honest Tea
“How to Measure Campaign Effectiveness and ROI” by Christi Burnum, LMO
“Positioning Social Media in a Rapidly Growing Company” by Erin Bush, CustomInk
“iBeacon: Not so iScary After All” by Todd Marks, Mindgrub
“Optimal Branding: Best Practices for the Programmatic Marketer” by Lindsay Fordham, Rocketfuel
“Internet of Things for Marketers” by DJ Saul, iSL
“Getting Social Right in a VUCA World by David Warschawski
Keynote: “Ocean City Campaign” by Andy Malis, President, MGH
“PR in 2015” by Serena Ehrlich, Business Wire
“Segment Marketing at AARP" by Ellis Rosenberg, AARP
“What’s Trending? Insights and Examples From Innovative Agencies"
“Seven Signs of the Post Social Media Era” by Geoff Livingston, Tenacity5 Media
“The 8 Myths of Marketing Automation” by You Mon Tsang, Vocus
“Harnessing the Power of Mobile Technology in Research Design” by Steve Markenson, WBA Research
“Facebook: 10 Tips For Marketers” by Josh Greene, Zippy Shell
“The New Age of Personalization & Marketing” by Lindsay McGettigan, R2i
“LinkedIn for Marketers: New Developments” by Lori Russo, Stanton Communications
“Visual Content (Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram)” by Mikah Sellers, Grafik
“The Star-Spangled 200 Social Media Command Center” by Jeffrey A. Davis

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