Dear Friend,

I’d like to ask you about four different ideas and ask if you would like to read more about each one. Then, I’d like you to tell us which one interests you the most:

* 1. Surveillance: Big Brother IS Watching. The end of privacy and of Fourth Amendment protections. How GPS, EZ Passes, Traffic cameras, E mail intrusions, health record computerization and centralization under Obamacare, smart electrical meters, Internet tracking, Cell phone monitoring, domestic drones, and the like are destroying our privacy and empowering both government and private surveillance.

How interested would you be in reading about this?

* 2. Gold. How gold is the soundest long term investment. How the massive printing of money by the Fed will undermine the dollar -- and is already doing so -- and how gold is the only way to survive the likely coming downturn. And how the Federal Reserve is deliberately driving down the price of gold because it is afraid of the competition but how the price will rise nevertheless.

How interested would you be in reading about this?

* 3. End Game: What Obama Will Try To Do To Wreck America. As President Obama’s second term continues, what will be his major efforts to complete his self-appointed task of socializing America? What will be his agenda: Socialized medicine? The end of conservative talk radio? Federal control over elections? Strict global warming business regulation? Surrender of our sovereignty -- including over guns -- by treaty? Expansion of the federal government? And Obama's "Third Term" -- how he may back another Democrat who shares his radical vision to run in 2016 against Hillary.

How interested would you be in reading about this?

* 4. Obama’s War on Retirement. How the Administration’s policies are making it harder and harder to retire. Zero interest rates make it impossible to live off savings while reckless printing of money will trigger inflation to wipe out the principal of our savings. Rolling back cost of living adjustments in Social Security will hurt us all. Obamacare medical rationing will end quality Medicare. And how federal policies will lead to a fiscal collapse necessitating invasions of our savings as is happening in Cyprus.

How interested would you be in reading about this?

* 5. Of the four topics -- Gold, Obama’s End Game, Retirement, and Surveillance -- which would interest you the most?

* 6. And which would be your second choice?

And, now, for statistical purposes:

* 7. Please tell us your gender?

* 8. Your age range?

* 9. And your political party?

Thanks very much. I appreciate your time and input!