No Undies right now but....

The Undies Project has wrapped up its pilot project in the City of Hobart.  

We can't get more undies out there until we've got a sustainable way to fund them.

We'd love to get your details, to hear from you about where you are and why you're interested. It will help us build a case to bring the undies out your way! 

So, no undies yet! But if you are still happy to fill in this survey please do! (it should take 2 mins!) then we can contact you down the track if we can find a way to get a bigger Undies Project funded. 

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* 1. Do you have a Health Care Card or Pension Concession Card?

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* 2. If you work, please tell us about what your working conditions (you can tick more than one). 

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* 3. If you want to tell us more about your income or finances, go for it!

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