Copyright Education Center

Welcome to the Columbia University Copyright Advisory Office survey regarding the creation of an education center for copyright and intellectual property for staff of libraries, archives, and museums. Your participation should take less than fifteen minutes. We hope that you will help us make this study as meaningful and accurate as possible. 

This survey can be completed confidentially. However, question 5 asks for an institutional document, and question 15 asks for optional contact information. You may choose to complete these questions, or not.
We are asking you to complete this survey or to forward it to the appropriate staff member for completion. Your participation and comments are very important as it will help us to determine the potential level of support in the community for this kind of an education center. We are asking that each institution submit only one response to the survey. 

We have provided you a PDF version of the survey instrument to assist you in reviewing it with colleagues prior to entering it online.

You may enter and exit the survey at any time. There is an icon in the upper right hand corner of the screen to ‘exit’. To exit/reenter, you will need to enable cookies on your browser, as this is the way SurveyMonkey tracks the respondent. Additionally, you will need to use the same browser and the same workstation/laptop in order to complete the survey.  

To submit your answers, you must click on the "Done" button at the end of the survey.

Please respond by September 11, 2017 and thank you in advance.