MMRS Status

The MMRS National Leadership Group needs to hear from each MMRS jurisdiction to develop a better sense of the current status of all 124 MMRS jurisdictions for further advocacy activity. The MMRS National Leadership Group is working, with support from allied organizations, to build a forum for a Congressional hearing about the MMRS program. We will be asked to show whether ending MMRS funding and making health and medical mass casualty preparedness an “allowable expense” have undermined MCI capabilities.

* 1. Person Completing Survey

* 2. Describe your MMRS jurisdiction

* 3. Please describe your MMRS program's 3 most important successes since its beginning.

* 4. Please rank your MMRS program's 3 largest challenges affecting sustainability.

* 5. Please use the comments box to explain the 3 choices in Queston 4.

* 6. Please rank the supports that would be most helpful for your MMRS program. Please use the comments box to rank and explain your choices.

* 7. What "Other" supports have you identified which were not covered in Question 6?

* 8. Do you believe MMRS activities/responsibilities are being supplanted by PHEP / HPP grants; Do you believe PHEP/HPP are accomplishing all of MMRS activities / responsibilities

* 9. What response capabilities did your MMRS program develop?

* 10. Have these capabilities been reduced since discrete MMRS funding ended?

* 11. Regarding your answer to Question 10:
If not why? If so, how? or No Comment

* 12. How has your community been affected since MMRS funding as a discrete program ended in FY 2011?

* 13. Are your MMRS resources (equipment / personnel) available for mutual aid responses? Mark all that apply

* 14. What percentage of what you accomplished in your MMRS program(s) is sustained by local, state, and federal funds (including personnel and equipment) by percentage (%)

* 15. What was one specific / significant incident in which your MMRS program played a major planning, response, recovery, or mitigation role?

* 16. Is there anything else you would like to comment on regarding your MMRS program which was not covered in this survey?

* 17. What message do you have for Congress regarding preparedness funding?