Tech Stories Critical Friend Network

My latest report looks at "Technology in FE" which suggests ways that colleges and their suppliers could save time & money. We are looking to develop a network of people within different college departments, and with different "technology adoption profiles, who would be interested in assessing products that are new to Further Education

* 1. When would you consider purchasing new tech product?

* 2. I tend to want to trial new and emerging technology solutions before others are ready to explore it, do you

* 3. What, in your opinion, are the reasons that the college does not explore emerging technology earlier than it does? (Select as many options as you feel applies)

* 4. With all the discussion around the potential of new learning models (MOOC's, Sugatra Mitra's "School in the Cloud" etc) we need to "Massively Creatively Disrupt" education or someone else will, do you

* 5. If you were to partner with a new supplier to help them assess their product or service in FE, what kind of discount would you expect to receive?

* 6. Which area(s) of technology is of particular interest/relevant to you or your department?

* 7. We are looking for people at various college departments (and with different "technology adoption profiles") to assess technology products and suppliers who are new to FE, who will be at various stages of the products development stages. Please fill in the details below if you would like to find out more