We know that some people experience problems in paying their electricity and gas bills.

This survey is about finding out why some people find themselves in this situation and what can be done to help.

The research is being undertaken by Mental Health North East and Groundwork North East. The survey results will be used to as evidence of need in order to secure public funding to deliver fuel poverty support to individuals who face fuel problems.

For each question please select your answer. Please be as honest as possible in your response. Remember that there are no right or wrong answers.

The survey is confidential and you cannot be identified in any way. Your completed survey will only be seen by researchers and not by anyone else.

It may still be summer, but we urgently need the results to our survey before the winter chill is back with us!


* 1. Do you worry about your energy bills?

* 2. In winter, how easy/difficult do you find it to heat your home to a temperature which is comfortable?

* 3. Are you currently using less energy than you need because of the cost of your
energy bills?

* 4. Would you typically spend more than 10% of your household income heating your home (for example if your income was £200 per week would you spend £20 on heating?)

* 5. What is the main type of heating in your home?

* 6. If any, what are the main sources of condensation dampness in your home?
(condensation dampness is moisture forming on surfaces such as walls, doors & windows and often causes mold growth or damp appearance on plaster and wallpaper)

* 7. At the moment are you behind or in arrears with payments to...
(all answers are anonymous and strictly confidential)

* 8. Are you aware of any independent advice agencies for people who may be struggling to pay their electricity or gas bills?

* 9. Is there a prepayment meter, pay as you go (PAYG) or keypad installed in your home?

* 10. If there is anything else you would like to tell us about your experiences regarding your energy bills, please list your comments in the box below.

* 11. If a series of free local information events were available to you to discuss issues of fuel poverty and provide information and awareness on how to become more efficient & save money, would you attend?

* 12. What is your age?

* 13. Would you say you live in an urban or rural area?

* 14. At the moment how would you describe your general health and wellbeing?

* 15. At the moment how would you describe your mental health and wellbeing?

* 16. Do you feel like your mental health and wellbeing is affected by cold or damp living
conditions in the winter?

* 17. Are you reluctant to invite people round to your home because it is damp/cold?

* 18. Do you consider that worry over fuel bills has affected your health or caused you to visit a doctor?  Please explain.

* 19. Do you have any further comments?