UPDATE: The draw is done (congrats Ross D!) and the pitch is written, but I'd still love to hear your thoughts. Especially your comments and recommendations! So I'm leaving the survey open, should you happen upon it in the next little while...

Hallo! Karyn Ellis Here. I am now in the second week of a blogging challenge called "Music Success in Nine Weeks", based on Ariel Hyatt's book of the same name. Each week myself and 60 other musicians across Canada are assigned a new task related to getting our musical careers in order.

Now I love singing, and I love playing. I've done lots of both of those things. What I haven't done much of is being very good at describing what it is I do. And this is where you and this survey come in. Together we are going to create the perfect "elevator pitch." A short blurb that entices someone to check out my music if they haven't heard it before.

Rather than write what I think I sound like, I thought it would be interesting to put it out to you! What do YOU think I sound like? What I mean is, if you were going to tell a friend to check out my music, how would YOU describe me?

To figure out what words to use, I've create this short survey (four questions, plus one "bonus" question.) It would be amazing if you could take 5 to 10 minutes to fill it out for me. (Limited to the first 100 respondents.)

And to show my appreciation, you will have an opportunity to enter a draw for something homemade by me at the end of the survey! Draw date: Saturday January 21st at 1pm PST. Thanks so much for your time!!!!!