According to a 2012 study from Arts Alliance Illinois and Americans for the Arts Illinois' nonprofit arts and culture sector is a $2.75 billion industry. That number can only have increased since that study was completed. The Morrison Area Development Corporation (MADC) in conjunction with local artists is hoping to establish an arts center in Morrison. We would like to ask you to fill out our brief survey to help us better understand your needs as a local artists and future center vendor.

* 2. Would you be interested in collaborative / multi-disciplinary work environment, or a private workspace?

* 3. How important are the following features to you when choosing a workspace or gallery?

  Very Important Moderately Important Not Important Neutral
Natural lighting
Ceiling height
Open concept floor plan
Low price per square foot
Flexible rental/lease options
Proximity to other creatives
Proximity to housing
Access to additional secure storage
Access to additional shared equipment and/or facilities
24/7 access
Security features
Aesthetics/cosmetic finishes (i.e. floor coverings, window treatments, moldings)
Perceived safety of location
Access to additional outdoor/common spaces

* 4. What is the most you would be willing to pay monthly for a gallery space to sell your art?

* 5. How much would you expect to pay for a studio space to create your art?

* 9. Please enter your name and the type of art form you specialize in?

* 10. What community do you live in?

* 11. Do you have examples of training you would like provided to local artists?

* 12. Do you currently or are you interested in teaching any classes? If yes, please specify type.

* 13. When would you prefer to offer classes?

* 14. Would you like to receive email updates of our efforts to establish a Morrison Arts Center and other art-related material? If yes, please provide your email.

* 15. Please enter your name here if you wish to be registered for a Happy Joe's gift card.

* 16. Thank you for taking our survey. The data gathered will directly inform our committee and those involved in helping establish our arts center what direction to pursue. Please watch our Facebook page for more information: for survey results and more information on the arts efforts in Morrison.

* 17. We are looking for a name for our arts center. Please tell us what your idea is for a name?

* 19. We will be planning a fundraiser for our art center. Would you be willing: