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Welcome to the 2024 Giving Docs biennial DEI in Planned Giving survey. Initiated in 2022, this survey is part of our ongoing effort to track trends and share promising practices within our industry. Your anonymous participation helps us gather valuable insights and continue our collaborative journey towards inclusive excellence in planned giving fundraising. We invite fundraisers engaged in planned giving to contribute their insights. Please note that this survey is tailored for those currently employed in non-profit roles and is not intended for consultants or professional advisors.

Your responses are confidential, and while individual comments remain anonymous, we may publish summarized data and non-attributable quotes. The survey is open until November 1, with findings to be released in January 2025. For any inquiries, contact Jade Bristol at

A note on our intentional continued use of the term “DEI”:
We recognize and applaud the significant efforts by non-profits to foster diversity and inclusivity in our industry, evident in the evolving language—like IDEA, JEDI, and DEIB—that articulates these values. Despite the politicization of "DEI," and its use as a coded reference by some, we choose to retain this term for several reasons. Consistency is key; since its introduction in our 2022 survey, "DEI" anchors the continuity of our research. Additionally, we believe in the power of this term to describe our goals without yielding to those who might misappropriate it. Lily Zheng, author of DEI Deconstructed, emphasizes that our focus should remain on substantive work rather than the semantics surrounding which acronym to use.

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