The SAR mission is to promote patient health through scientific discovery, innovation, education, collaboration, and leadership development in abdominopelvic radiology. Efforts to achieve these goals are developed locally, but also internationally by facilitating collaborations and outreach.
The SAR has sponsored the International Educational Conference in partnership with innumerable societies throughout the years, participating in their country’s national or regional radiological meetings.
These events foster new and strengthen old collaborations between the SAR and host societies, as well as among its members. While our goal is to share knowledge and resources that may not be readily available at the host country, the SAR representatives also learn from these experiences and share their new knowledge with our members.
We would like to invite you to submit a proposal for a partnership between your group and our society for an educational event collaboration.
As a first step, we would like to obtain information about your society to determine your goals and gauge how much support SAR may need to provide. Applying groups do not have to be abdominal imaging societies; partnerships with general societies are welcome.

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* What type of SAR participation is requested?

Note: For on-site meetings the SAR will typically send a group of 5-7 members to represent our society. The group usually includes the current SAR president, the current SAR Igor Laufer Professor Visiting Professor, the current SAR Marshak Lecturer, and two to four other members who are selected by the SAR. Participation of local speakers is highly encouraged.