Family Feedback Committee

Committee Description
The Family Feedback Committee (FFC) has been created in order to provide a formalized and organized way for Harlem Hebrew families, represented by committee members, to share community feedback with Harlem Hebrew administrators and educators. This effort is being undertaken to strengthen communication between Harlem Hebrew families and administrators in order to continually improving the classrooms and overall environment for our children.

The FFC will discuss a range of topics which may include, but will not be limited to, classroom learning, behavioral interventions, after-school programming, and other school-related activities. 

Committee Structure
The FFC will be comprised of 5-6 parents/guardians who will be selected by the PTO co-presidents.  The FFC should represent the diversity of the school’s composition so a variety of perspectives are included in these discussions.  For those seeking to join the FFC, it is imperative to understand that the committee members are there to represent the families of Harlem Hebrew, and not just their personal family’s interests.   Attendance at meetings is mandatory for all committee members to ensure a balanced representation of families.

Committee Activities
It is recommended the FFC meet every 4-6 weeks in order to continually communicate around school issues as they arise.  However, the FFC may choose to meet more often if members feel it necessary.  Four times a year the FFC will meet with school representatives to discuss issues they have identified and make recommendations when appropriate.  School administration may also share initiatives they are planning in order to receive FFC feedback throughout the year and additional meetings between FFC and school administration can be arranged in the event of a pressing need for FFC feedback. 

If the FFC would like to receive feedback from the parent community on certain topics, an organized method of collecting feedback, such as an online survey or small focus group, is encouraged. 

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