1. English Jesus Anime Survey

Survey about the Jesus anime 'Demoniac' clip.

* 2. What did you view this film clip on?

* 3. How did you find this film clip ?

* 4. Please choose your age category

* 5. The dialog for this film clip came from another film. Do you feel that the dialog was used properly and made sense for how the story was told ?

* 6. If there was a problem with the dialog or it didn't make sense for this clip, what was the problem? Is there a way to improve this clip, the dialog or how it is used? 

* 7. The clip told the story in a new way that was appealing ?

* 8. My emotional reaction to the clip was?

* 9. If the clip was finished in colour and full animation I would want to watch it ?

* 10. Which would you have more interest in seeing? 

* 11. How many people have you showed this film clip to? 

Here are 5 sample images for the question below...

Here are 5 sample images for the question below...

* 12. Rate the 5 images, from best to worst

  a.Best b. c.Neutral d. e.Worst