Thank you all for taking the time to complete this survey - your input is important to our union. This is the first  survey you will be asked to complete but as bargaining progresses we may have more specific questions.  Please watch for additional surveys and continue your valued participation.  You must be a member to participate in this survey.  If you're not a member and would like to join, please fill out a membership application by going to and click on the member sign-up button.
A question with an * requires a response 

* 1. What is your name? (Your name will be kept confidential)

* 2. What department do you work in?

* 4. How many Years have you worked for Multnomah County?

* 5. The Multnomah County email system is not private and can be read by management and/or audited by a third party.  Please provide us a non-work email for communications during bargaining.  We will only use these emails to contact you for union business.

* 6. Core economic issues: Please rate the two elements of compensation most important to you, “1” for the most important, “2” for the second most important.  Use each number only once.

  1 2
Cost of living or across-the-board salary increase
Maintaining the County's current health insurance premium contribution
Additional steps / longevity pay

* 7. Please read the items listed in this Section and rank only your top 3 economic contract language priorities. Rank 1 through 3 with 1 as the most important. Use each number only once.

  1 2 3
Ensure that workers are recognized for their work and classified appropriately.
Limit contracting out and ensure accountability when services are contracted out.
Paid time off for community investment/service., example: working for meals on wheels during county paid time.
Vacation accrual rates and ceiling (cap) same as management.

* 8. Do you feel that your current job duties are expanding or changing in ways that are not necessarily consistent with your job class specification?

i We adjusted the number you entered based on the slider’s scale.

* 9. How do you feel the problems related to new or changing job duties should be best addressed?

* 10. Differentials, Overtime, Premium Pay. Please rate each of the following related to compensation:

  Important Not Important
Increasing the current shift differential rates
Creating a differential for work in a corrections setting
Creating a training pay differential
Creating a differential for positions with a culturally specific KSA
Increasing differentials for maintenance workers using heavy or specialized equipment
Clarifying and improving rules around double time pay on 2nd and 3rd day of rest
Clarifying and improving rules regarding the distribution of overtime 
Clarifying and improving compensation for lead pay premium 
Clarifying and improving on-call pay 

* 11. Issues related to inclement weather and essential employees.  Please answer each of the following questions:

  Yes No
Are you an essential employee?
Do you believe it is important to bargain additional compensation (such as a premium or differential) for essential employees
Is important to you for management to have clearer justifications around designating an employee as essential

* 12. Licenses, certifications, continuing education and other reimbursements.  Please answer each of the following questions:

  Yes No
Are you required to maintain a certification, license, or participate in continuing education as a mandatory requirement of your job?
Are you reimbursed for a portion or any of the associated costs?
Is it important to you that the County provide reimbursement for out of pocket costs?

* 13. Please read the items listed in this Section and rank only your top 5 workforce equity and job security issues. Rank 1 through 5 with 1 being the highest priority.  Use each number only once.

  1 2 3 4 5
Improving contract language related to work place accommodations for injured workers and workers with non-occupational disabilities
Creating meaningful remedies for discrimination and microaggression complaints
Improving transparency and fairness in the hiring and recruitment process for promotions and new hires.
Improve job security for limited duration workers
Provide better support for new employees seeking to pass probation
Improve seniority rights for transfers withing job classifications

* 14. Please read the items listed in this Section and rank only your top 5 miscellaneous non-economic contract language priorities.  Rank 1 through 5 with 1 being the most important. Use each number only once.

  1 2 3 4 5
Improve process for scheduling paid time off
Increasing the amount of notice management must provide prior to changing your schedule.
Improving the process for obtaining an alternative work schedule
Improving access to teleworking
Contract language regarding workload and workload prioritization
Increasing the timeline to file initial grievances from 15 to 30 days

* 15. What specific change would you make to your job that would allow you to provide services more effectively?

* 16. Suggested contract proposals:

* 17. Please note below what actions you are willing to take in order to ensure we are successful in this round of bargaining.  Working together as a union and showing our strength at the bargaining table is essential for obtaining a fair contract.  What actions would you take part in to move us towards a fair contract?  Click any that apply.

* 18. What organizations, community groups, advocacy groups or religious institutions do you belong to who might be allies with us or share our vision and goals?

* 19. What community issues are you and your family passionate about?

* 20. Communication between the bargaining team and our membership is key for a successful bargaining campaign.  Would you be willing to be a liaison between the bargaining team and the AFSCME membership in your work unit?

* 21. How do you get your news about bargaining?

The next questions are optional demographic questions to help us find out more about our membership. If you do not feel comfortable you may skip the questions.

* 22. What is your gender?

* 23. Please specify your race.

* 24. What is your ethnicity?