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Company Board Director Application below


1) Where possible the correct sector/skills mix will always be accommodated by election of an appropriate Director. However if this is not possible it will be provided either through cooption or attendance as an observer.

2) If no new candidates stand then those of the current Board standing will be automatically re-elected if appropriate and continue for a further year

3) Where a levy payer has multiple hereditaments he/she may only cast one vote

4) In order to stand, a levy payer must be a registered member of the BID Company and complete and send in the attached Candidate Form

5) Candidates should be direct BID Levy Payers or voluntary contributors to the appropriate amounts

6) In order to stand or vote a levy payer must have paid their BID Levy in full in the previous year and have paid the current years levy within 3 months of the issue of the first bill

7) All Board Director positions are voluntary and there will be no remuneration except for agreed, reasonable and authorised expenses incurred on legitimate company business

8) Candidates standing must work in the best interests of the Company and its objectives. Rules set out in the BID Company Articles of Association relating to the conduct of directors & qualification to stand will apply

9) Elected candidates will not be able to stand for the position of Chair unless they have served a minimum of a year as a Board Director and ideally have served as Vice Chair

10) Board Directors must attend a minimum of 50% of Boards meetings annually

11) Directors may be required to lead a minimum of one working group, for a specified period of time to assist in the development of Coastal or Area Specific projects.  Appointments will be made by the Chair.

12) Candidates & Board Directors must declare any conflicts of interest

13) Candidates & Board Directors are required to treat all communications and discussions of and relating to Company business, verbal and written as confidential and not to be discussed, distributed or used in any way unless agreed by the Company Board

Please note that if multiple applications are submitted for a specific Director post, BID Company Members will vote on their preference.  Information from this form will be supplied to BID Company Members to enable them to make an informed decision.

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* 1. Please complete the following information

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* 2. Please indicate which Directors post you wish to represent

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* 3. Please indicate your top 3  area(s) of interest/expertise

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* 4. Are you been involved in any business / community groups  (past or present)?

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* 5. If you answered YES to question 4, please list the group, its current status and any achievements you have been involved in.

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* 6. Please give details of all current and previous Director positions held and reasons for leaving.

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* 7. How do you feel the BID can help businesses throughout the Yorkshire Coast? (200 words or less)

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* 8. Please explain why you would like to become a BID Board Director? (200 words or less)

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* 9. Are you able to dedicate 2 hours per month to the development of the BID?

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* 10. If you answered NO to question 9, please give further information

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