ID and Introduction

In order to complete the survey efficiently please gather the following information prior to starting the survey.
1) National Provider ID. Your NPI is a ten digit number and is not your Tax Identification Number. 
2) Department of Health License Number. Four numeric digits ending in N or R. 
3)  Count of exact number of remaining PPE items.
4) Please reference the following link from the CDC website for guidance on presumed positive cases. Click here.
Please use the back button in the survey to return to a previous question. Do not use the browsers back button or it will reset all responses. 

We know everyone is exceptionally busy at this time. We appreciate your effort to keep these data updated so statewide capacity to address the COVID-19 surge can be coordinated. Efficient coordination of resources will help protect all of us and save lives. Thank you for your dedicated service. 

Information on how the survey data will be used to allocated PPE, and instructions on how to access PPE through State coordinated resources, are available at the end of the survey. 

Please complete the survey to the best of your ability. Updates and corrections can be made with each daily survey submission. The same link will be used each day. If questions arise about how to complete the survey please contact A Medicaid analyst working on behalf of the Department of Health will get back with you shortly.  Thank you. 

Question Title

* 2. Please Enter Your NPI (Enter N/A If Your Organization Does Not Have An NPI).

Question Title

* 3. Please Enter Your Department of Health License Number (For example: 1234N, 1234R. If none enter N/A).

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