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* Our Business Agility Journey is directly aligned with and supports our business strategy

* Everyone in our organization understands why our Business Agility Journey is important and how it impacts them

* We have incorporated Lean, Agile and Organizational Effectiveness principles into our Business Agility Journey

* We are structured to optimize Business Agility by customer, products, or value streams

* We further enhance our structure with a robust Communities of Practice

* We use data and metrics intentionally to make decisions and measure performance

* We are committed to identifying and eliminating waste in everything we do

* Our leaders exhibit servant leadership behaviors (communicate vision/intent, remove barriers)

* Our leaders are fully educated, engaged in, and supportive of our Business Agility Journey

* We practice continuous improvement in everything we do

* We deliver client focused value in small increments (1-3 weeks)

* We work from a prioritized customer centered backlog

* We have empowered our product owners and teams to make decisions

* We are grounded to Lean-Agile values and principles, with discipline on supporting practices (Scrum, Kanban, etc.)

* We are knowledgeable and confident in scaling Lean-Agile methods at any level in the organization

* We value continuous improvement and customer value more than hitting dates, milestones or budgets

* We understand the cultural and people change of our Business Agility Journey and have effective strategies to address and support

* We feel we are increasingly understanding, improving, and gaining in overall effectiveness

* Our team is gaining confidence, satisfaction, and enjoyment in the work they are doing

* What is your biggest risk in your Business Agility Journey?

* If you could change or improve one specific thing, what would it be?

* What area of Business Agility are you most interested in learning more about?

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