* 1. First Name

* 2. Last Name

* 3. Please enter your MSU PID, i.e. A123456789

* 4. Address

* 5. Please list all of your phone numbers.

* 7. We will be contacting you via email.  Please note that once you have an MSU email account set up you should begin to check it every day since that is MSU's official method of communication with students.

* 10. Are you a Lyman Briggs College (LBC) student?

All students in the DSS Program must attend one of the two DSS Orientations.  Students who cannot attend one of the DSS Orientation session  This is not the same as the MSU Orientation (AOP).  We recommend that you attend AOP immediately following your DSS Orientaiton.  If that is not possible you should attend an AOP session after your DSS Orientation.  It is a disadvantage to you to attend AOP before the DSS Orientation.  Also please note- since it is impossible to be two places at the same time, you cannot attend AOP and DSS Orientation on the same days.

* 11. If accepted into the Dow STEM Scholars Program, the DSS orientation is required.  Students MUST attend the DSS Orientation to be part of the DSS Program. (Please note: DSS orientation sections are limited to 50 students so indicate your session early).

  First Choice Second Choice I cannot attend this session.
DSS Orientation Session 1 -  Sunday, June 17 - Tuesday, June 19
DSS Orientation Session 2 -  Sunday, June 24 - Tuesday, June 26

* 12. Have you selected a MSU Academic Orientation Program (AOP) date for the summer?

* 14. If you have already registered for AOP, would you like us to switch you to the AOP session immediately following your DSS Orientation? If so, if you are attending DSS Orientation June 17-19, your AOP dates would be June 19-20 or if you are attending DSS Orientation June 24-26, your AOP dates will be June 26-27.

* 15. If you have not yet registered for AOP, do you want us to register you for AOP immediately following the DSS Orientation?  If so, if you are attending DSS Orientation June 17-19, your AOP dates will be June 19-20 or if you are attending DSS Orientation June 24-26, your AOP dates will be June 26-27.

* 17. Do you have any special accommodation needs of which we should be aware?

* 18. Do you have any special dietary needs of which we should be aware?

* 19. I recognize the Dow STEM Scholars Program is a research initiative designed to improve STEM academic success. I am voluntarily participating in the program and aware that participation may result in having my academic and participation data studied.  Participation may require mandatory meetings throughout the academic year.

* 20. Parents and guardians frequently have questions about the DSS program.  Once you have applied for the program, we need your consent to speak to others about it.  Please let us know to whom we may speak.  This consent only applies to information about the program between the time you apply and the beginning of Fall semester. If you do not give consent for us to speak about your participation to anyone, please answer "none".

Once again, congratulations on your admissions to MSU. Thank you for filling out our application. You should receive a confirmation and application decision shortly. GO GREEN!