State of the Union 2018 Blogging Contest.

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* 1. Please rank the the top three blog entries that you read. Give a 1 to the best, 2 to the second best, and a 3 to the third best. Use whatever criteria you like - just rank them by how much you enjoyed reading them. Want a link to them all? Here it is.

  First Second Third
Rachel Arehart - The State Of Our Union (according to women)
Katherine Coker - State of Trump
Ashlee Glaser - The State of the Union: Spoiler: It's not great
Edwin Hooper - SOTU: Trump Gives Himself a Hand
Shelby Larsen - Standing in Solidarity
Haley Pierce - Political Bingo: Themes from the SOTU
JD Rader - The best tweets from the 2018 SOTU
Stuart Wilke - The State of the Union: My Take