Thank you for your willingness to participate in the Spotlight survey! To review the Spotlight website visit from any on-campus computer.

1. Name:

3. How did you find out about Spotlight on Careers?

4. How often have you used the site?

5. How would you rate Spotlight's usability?

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6. If you have used the site, which topics have you used most frequently?

7. If you have not used the site, which topics would you be most interested in using?

8. Which topics are not covered that you wish were available?

9. Do you feel that that information covered is up-to-date?

10. What additional types of information would you find helpful for us to include within each topic? (Information currently includes an overview with an introduction, career options, current trends and types of employers, job and internship search resources, graduate and professional school information and alumni profiles)

11. Additional Feedback and suggestions:

Thank you for your participation! We will announce the winners of the drawing on April 15th.