So whats this all about?

The aim of this questionnaire is to understand the specific health experiences of the LGBT (Lesbian Gay Bisexual & Transgender) community in Kirklees. Kirklees Council LGBT Employee Network and local charity Healthwatch Kirklees are working in partnership to complete this work.

We think that for many parts of health and care services in Kirklees, our sexuality doesn't impact the service we receive. It does not affect our ability to see our GP, to get picked up by an ambulance, to visit a dentist or recover from the flu. There are other areas however, where evidence suggests that sexuality does impact on our health and care needs.

Our starting point for the survey is some research that has been done by the Lesbian and Gay Foundation (LGF) on health issues that they feel specifically affect the LGBT community. Our survey repeats the points that the LGF makes in its study and asks you for a local Kirklees perspective. You can read more about this here: We've also added in some conclusions that Kirklees Council came to in 2006 as part of its CLIK (Current Living in Kirklees) survey, to see if the points raised then are still relevant.

There is space for you to add your stories on any aspect of health and social care services not just what the LGF/CLIK have suggested. Once it is done we’ll feed your opinions back to the people who commission and manage services.

In this partnership the Kirklees Council LGBT Employee Network will take the lead in getting the message out to as many members of the community as is possible. Healthwatch Kirklees will record in an open and transparent way what people are saying. Together, we’ll put people’s opinions and stories to the Council’s Public Health Team around Easter 2014.

Thanks for taking the time to fill in this survey.