In preparation for Parking Day 2011, we are conducting a survey about Dallas parks. Thank you for participating in the survey.

You can see the results on Friday, September 16th by visiting us on Park(ing) Day on Main Street in Deep Ellum, Dallas, TX.

Any information you provide will remain confidential. You will not be contacted further, and any information given will not be shared, sold, or publicly displayed.

* 1. What neighborhood do you live in?

* 2. What park is nearest to your home? Can you walk to that park? If not, why?

* 3. What facilities are available at that park? (ex: soccer field, tennis courts, swimming pool, etc...)

* 4. How would you rate this park (1 = poor, 5 = excellent)

* 5. What did you base your rating on?

* 6. In your opinion, which of the following would you consider a park?

* 7. Which city do you think spends the most on Parks and Recreation?

* 8. The City of Dallas spends more on...

* 9. In total park acreage, Dallas is ranked ___ in major US cities?