As part of Plattsburgh's Downtown Revitalization Initiative, North Country Food Co-op received a grant to develop a shared use commercial kitchen in downtown Plattsburgh. Please fill out the following survey to help us determine what equipment might be needed and how the facility might be used. Thanks!

A shared use commercial kitchen is a licensed food processing facility designed to give entrepreneurs shared access to professional equipment, facilities, and training to start and/or conduct business without the prohibitive cost of building their own individual commercial kitchen.

The benefits of a shared use kitchen include:
  • Providing efficiencies and cost savings to food entrepreneurs by spreading costs for equipment, supplies, space, and services over several users.
  • Creating jobs by helping start up and existing businesses to grow.
  • Consolidating the government regulation and monitoring of food processing by multiple users into one facility.
  • Providing incentives to increase sustainable agricultural production by providing a vital link between producers and consumers
  • Providing locals an opportunity to efficiently process more of their own produce to feed themselves and create products for sale to the public.
  • Enhancing food security and sustainability by providing production infrastructure and reducing dependence on distant food sources.