* 1. Asset Projection & Proforma Proposal: were the instructions clear and did you find both modules easy to use? Any malfunctions?

* 2. Is there a feature you did not find that you'd like to have?

* 3. Did you create a login and password? Did this process go smoothly?

* 4. Would the Asset Projection be useful to you? How would you use it?

* 5. Would the Proforma Proposal be useful to you? How would you use it?

* 6. Are you a financial professional? Which profession?

* 7. Do you think this product has value or utility? To what sort of prospective user would you recommend it?

* 8. If you could store an unlimited number of proposals on the website, with advanced features (described in the About section), would you be willing to pay for this service? If so, how much?

* 9. Can you recommend any other prospective users who might be willing to evaluate this product? Please provide email address.

* 10. How could this survey be improved?

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