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* 1. Where do you primarily reside throughout the year?

* 2. What is the ethnic percentage of indivdiuals that you serve?

* 3. What 5 relevant issues do you feel have effected your work within your demographic area? Please prioritize by need.

* 4. Achieving results for the Gifted and Talented depend on: (left to right/ low to high)

Advocacy & Legislation
Funding (Private &Public)
Future Opportunities
Education/ Training
Parental Support
External Sources: please specify

* 5. I have worked with the Gifted Population for _____years _____months and measure success by:

* 6. Please prioritize the following Leadership Qualities:


* 7. How effective is the training you receive for your job?

* 8. If you will not be attending this conference, please explain why.

* 9. How easy is it to get the resources you need to conduct your research and teach effectively at your educational setting?

* 10. Thank you for participating in this survey. Please list at least 3 issues/concerns that you would like to see as a priority for the gifted and talented in 2012.

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