Survey for mentors

100% of survey complete.

This brief survey is intended to help Springfield School Volunteers evaluate the quality of our school-based mentoring program. Your participation will help us determine whether or not you and your mentee are receiving the program's intended benefits. It will also help us to determine ways in which we can improve the program.

Note: If you are a mentor to more than one student, please complete a survey for each student that you are currently mentoring.

We will send you a survey at the end of the school year to measure how your mentoring experiences matched your expectations.

We greatly appreciate your thoughts and ideas, and of course your dedication to the students of the Springfield Public Schools.

1. What is your name?

3. Please indicate all of the following types of support that you have attended/received or plan on attending/receiving since you have signed up to become a mentor (if any).

  Completed Plan on attending Do not plan on attending Undecided
Attended a mentor training session
Attended a mentor check-in session
Received (and responded to) a phone check-in from a staff member at Springfield School Volunteers

4. How long have you and your mentee been meeting?

5. How satisfying do you expect that your mentoring relationship will be?

6. As a result of your mentoring experience, to what extent do you expect that you will...

  To a great extent To a moderate extent Not at all Undecided
Serve as a positive role model?
Make a positive impact on your mentee’s school and classroom behavior?
Help your mentee improve his or her attitudes toward school?
Help your mentee to open up and exhibit more self-confidence?
Make a positive difference in a child’s life?
Gain or improve skills in other areas of your life?

7. Please comment any positive or negative changes that you expect to impact your MENTEE as a result of the mentoring relationship.

8. Please comment any positive or negative changes that you expect to see for YOURSELF as a result of the mentoring relationship.

9. Do you have a specific question or concern that you would like to address to a program manager at Springfield School Volunteers?

10. Do you give Springfield School Volunteers permission to use your comments in promotional materials, on our website and/or in other reports?