User and Accessibility Study of the River Tawe

Clear Streams is conducting a User and Accessibility Study of the River Tawe. The aim is to understand how the River Tawe is used and the barriers affecting its communities. We would like to highlight areas where improved access and facilities could feasibly take place and look at opportunities for development.
The answers you give to the questions in this study may be important in determining where investments are made to protect, develop or restore different areas of the River Tawe.
Even if you do not use the River Tawe it is important to understand the views of those people who may not use this natural resource as well as those who do.

* 1. Are you male or female?

* 2. What is your age group?

* 3. Which of the following categories best describes your employment status?

* 4. Look at the items below and tick the ones you own:

* 5. Can you please provide us with your postcode? We will not post anything to you, we would like to see what distance people are prepared to travel to get to the River Tawe.

* 6. Please tell us about your visits to the River Tawe throughout the year, the table below looks at the different activities you could undertake at the River Tawe.  Please tick all the activities that are applicable.

You may have visited more than one area to do different things throughout the year.

  Walking Cycling Fishing Rowing Kayaking Swimming Sailing Stand-Up Paddle Boarding Photography Wildlife and Bird Watching
Swansea Pier
The Marina
Princess Dock
Cycle Route #43
St Thomas
Hafod Copperworks
White Rock
Copper Quarter
Liberty Stadium
M4 Corridor
Ynestawe Park
Caer Lan
National Show Caves Centre for Wales
Llyn y Fan Fawr Valley

* 7. How much time do you spend on the River Tawe?

* 8. How often do you visit the River Tawe?

* 9. When you visit the River TAWE what are the issues you face when trying to access this environment

* 10. If you do not visit the River Tawe please let us know why?

* 11. Are there any other activities you would like to see on the River Tawe?

* 12. What would encourage you to visit the River Tawe more frequently?