Please rate your personal involvement through your personal ministry and how well your church is engaged in each of these five areas.

If increased engagement is the goal for Alliance global missions promotion, how do we measure it? The following five elements may be considered as indicators of engagement:


Building Relationships – Relationship between International Workers (IWs) and churches/individuals/constituents is at the core of engagement.


Praying – Prayer is the foundation upon which engagement is built and cultivated.


Giving – Owning the vision financially is vital; directing finances to support Alliance global missions is a strong indicator of engagement.


Sending – There is intentional involvement in the development and sending of overseas workers with The Alliance.


Promoting – Alliance global missions is promoted across all spheres of church ministry.

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* 1. BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS – Partnerships are based on strong relationships. District IWs are promoted in the church, and specific IWs (and their fields/teams) are considered partners with the church. Relationships with specific workers should be enlarged to understand and connect with the fields and teams they are a part of. These relationships can be strengthened through:

* Caring – Initiate creative ways to encourage and care for workers’ emotional, spiritual, and physical needs both on the field and during home assignment (HA).

* Connecting – Use creative ways to stay in contact through technology, e.g., e-mails, Skype, Facebook, CMAStories, FaceTime, Instagram, etc., and hosting IWs when on HA.

* Going there – When possible, travel to fields to work side-by-side in strategic, ministry-advancing projects.

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* 2. PRAYING – Consistent prayer is the foundation upon which engagement with Alliance global missions is built and cultivated. The following measures can assist your church’s intercession:

* Discern spiritual issues, challenges, and barriers to bring before Father.

* Initiate corporate, private, and small-group prayer times. * Use, e-mail, and country/field/individual updates.

* Provide weekly or monthly updates on IW needs in Sunday services.

* Ask IWs to pray for your congregation’s needs.

* Recruit someone who is passionate about the church’s partnerships to gather and distribute monthly prayer requests. (There could be a point person for each partnership.)

* Begin a small group focused on prayer for international workers and projects.

* Include intercession for Alliance IWs and fields during pastoral prayer times.

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* 3. GIVING – Financial support is a critical part of engagement.

* Supporting the Great Commission Fund (GCF) provides for the C&MA’s broad ministries.

o IW support – Designate funds for specific workers with whom a partnership exists.

o Envision and marketplace ministries donations provide support of nontraditional Alliance workers.

o Approved and Work Specials support specific projects or a worker’s ministry needs.

* CAMA’s Global Advance Fund supports CAMA’s relief and development efforts.

* For the GCF, some churches use the Faith Promise Pledge cards very effectively.

* In other churches, leaders determine a congregational GCF goal and keep it in front of the members throughout the year.

* Still other churches determine to tithe or provide a percentage from their general fund, giving this amount directly to the GCF.

* Keep giving opportunities before the congregation, presenting them in ways that will challenge and encourage participation in resourcing Alliance Kingdom work.

* Promote special offerings for the GCF such as GC Sunday, at least once a year.

* Tell compelling stories of Alliance missions and link them to GCF giving.

* Promote a special “thank you offering” with a portion going to local outreach and another to Alliance global ministries.

* A children’s offering emphasis may be directed to an Alliance missions project.

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* 4. SENDING – Intentional involvement in the development and sending of Alliance full-time overseas workers is vital.

* Schedule key opportunities (events/activities) to inspire young people to hear God’s call and then identify those whom God is calling.

* Disciple and develop those who are called to serve.

* Join with other Alliance churches to send and support C&MA international workers from the district.

* Engage in intentional conversations before and after short-term trips to challenge youth and adults to consider cross-cultural ministry.

* Develop several coaches/mentors in the church and/or district who are available to consistently meet with potential candidates.

* Recommend several options for Alliance college-level programs for cross-cultural preparation (Nyack, Toccoa, Simpson, Crown, and ATS, as well as programs like Reach Training International in Salem, Oregon, and Snohomish, Washington).

* Establish a scholarship program to help those preparing for ministry.

* Clarify that one of the goals of short-term trips organized by the church is to identify, recruit, and train future international workers.

* Feature Envision for short-term trips and internships.

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* 5. PROMOTING – Alliance missions clearly and consistently presented and promoted church-wide is another indicator of engagement.

* The senior pastor “leans in” to Alliance missions.

* Someone can clearly explain and champion Alliance missions strategy and missiology (the “whys” and the “hows.”

* All age groups learn how to engage with Alliance missions.

* Key point persons and/or a missions committee handle the details of the missions emphasis. They also should present interesting, and challenging promotion of Alliance missions throughout the year.

* Missions is promoted at least monthly during the Sunday service.

* The congregation regularly communicates that God’s glory proclaimed to all nations is a central value of the church. This is done through preaching, teaching classes, and creative children’s ministry.

* The church regularly provides multiple opportunities for personal involvement in Alliance global missions.

* The church has at least one Alliance global missions emphasis event annually.

* Alliance IWs are invited to speak several times a year.

* Alliance videos are used monthly to tell the story of Alliance missions.

* Partner IWs and fields are presented in all church ministries (e.g., women’s, men’s, youth, college & career, youth, and children’s ministries).

* The church has a designated global missions leadership team that meets regularly.

* The pastor occasionally includes a story from an Alliance field in his sermons.

* The church utilizes the Alliance Video Magazine, the Alliance Life and other promotional resources.

* A high traffic area in the church is set aside to highlight missions partners and events. Information is kept current and presented creatively.

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