S.C.O.R.E(c) Selling Method

Helping freelancers and solopreneurs sell more effectively.

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* 1. I help companies sell more effectively and win new business.

I've been working with CEOs of mid-size companies, CMOs of large companies and entire sales teams, in both strategic and tactical areas for over 12 years. Part of my offer is sales training, specifically a sales system called The S.C.O.R.E(c) Selling Method.

To make this sales training more accessible to independent freelancers and solopreneurs, I’m taking S.C.O.R.E(c) online. I’m in the final stages of tailoring it for the needs of people like you, so your input in this survey will help us both!

So... when it comes to selling generally, what is the biggest single challenge you’ve been facing?

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* 2. Perhaps you're doing social media, blogging, emails, etc. to get leads into the top of our funnel.

When it comes to converting leads to paying customers specifically, what is your single biggest challenge?

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* 3. Describe your ideal buyer, or your primary point of contact within your typical purchasing party.

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* 4. How would you most closely describe your business offering and/or business model?