Saving Sara is currently looking for a Business Development Lead. Saving Sara has been making progress on a number of fronts, including winning a Big Ideas competition, networking with NGOs and companies and getting ready to file our patent. The scope of our work is rapidly expanding and we are looking for more team members! 

            We are a small startup so remuneration for this position will be in the form of equity in the company at the rate of 0.025% per year up to a maximum of 0.2%. Note that the ownership may be diluted evenly as investors and other employees join. We expect an average weekly commitment of 5-10 hours for this role and think you will gain valuable experience working in a challenging startup environment. 

The primary responsibilities for this role include:

1.     Looking for funding sources (grants, competitions, etc.)

2.     Applying for grants

3.     Presenting the company at pitch events

4.     Networking with the VC/ angel/ philanthropic community

5.     Be working towards (or already completed) a degree in engineering or business

6.     Be based in the Pacific Time Zone

7.     Strong analytical and communications skills'

The secondary* responsibilities include:

         1. Monitoring company email, Twitter feed, Facebook page and website.

Saving Sara aims to help eliminate maternal mortality due to postpartum hemorrhage (PPH), the leading cause of maternal mortality worldwide. Even though PPH is a 100% treatable condition, it causes nearly a 100,000 deaths every year, 99% of which occur in developing nations. If untreated, a woman can die in as little as 2 hours from hemorrhagic shock..

Saving Sara has developed a biomedical pressure sensor device that enables midwives, nurses, and other medical providers in all parts of the world to save the lives of patients with PPH by providing additional time to receive further treatment.

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