* 1. Informed Consent Letter for dissertation study
Principal and Teachers’ Beliefs about Self-Efficacy and the Effects on Student Learning During School Improvement: Perspectives from the Field

Dear Educator,
You are invited to participate in a research study being conducted for a dissertation at Northcentral University in Prescott, Arizona. The study in the beliefs you have about your ability to positively influence student learning while operating in corrective status. You were selected to participate in this study because of your response to a request posted on a professional learning site.There is no deception in this study.

In this study you will be asked to complete an online survey which measures the level of teacher or principal self-efficacy and will take approximately 30 minutes. You may also be invited to participate in a phone or webcam interview which will seek to find out what you feel is important to support you in your effort to improve student learning while working in a school under accountability sanctions. Interviews will be no longer than an hour. The following people are involved in this research project and can be contact for more information- researcher: Teresa Conley, 513-260-3186, tac014vr@gmail.com; chairperson: Dr. Ann Armstrong, 1-888-628-8269 ext. 8236, aarmstrong@ncu.edu

This study involves a minimal risk of breach of confidentiality should you choose to discuss your participation with others. Participants will be totally anonymous through the use of a number/letter coding system to protect participant identity. Once the study is completed and has been published a copy of the results will be available at no charge to each participant. The data collected from the study will be held for 5 years and then will be destroyed by the researcher. You may choose at anytime to end your participation in the study without penalty or pressure. You may also choose not to answer specific questions.
There are no direct benefits to participating in this study nor any incentives. However, your responses may lead to professional development which is relevant to other urban schools operating under sanctions and provide unexplored areas of need not considered previously in school reform.

We would be happy to answer any question that may arise about the study. Please direct your questions or comments to:
Teresa A Conley Dr. Ann Armstrong
513-260-3186 or 1-888-628-8269 ext. 8236
tac014vr@gmail.com aarmstrong@ncu.edu

Also if during the study you have questions about your rights as a research participant, any complaints about your participation in the research study, or any problems that occurred in the study, please contact the researchers identified above. Alternatively, if you prefer to talk to someone outside the study team, you can contact Northcentral University’s Institutional Review Board at irb@ncu.edu of 1-888-327-2877 ex 8014


I have read the above description for the Principal and Teachers’ Beliefs about Self-Efficacy and the Effects on Student Learning during School Improvement: Perspectives from the Field study. I understand what the study is about and what is being asked of me. By clicking accept, I am agreeing to participate in this study.

* 2. Please provide the following information so that you may be contacted if selected for interviews. This information is strictly confidential and will not be shared with anyone.

* 3. Marital Status

* 4. Gender

* 5. Race

* 6. What grade levels are included in your building?

* 7. Years of Experience