The purpose of this survey is for the Disability Awareness and Action group to find out what people think about access and inclusion in our community. From this, the group can use the information to advocate for all people in the community to increase access and inclusion in the Riverland.

We will also use the information to provide support and data to councils, businesses and the community about supporting people with a disability in the community to feel more included and able to access their community.

Access means people can get into and use places easily.

Access can also mean you are able to use a business, service of public convenience with ease. E.g. enter a shop, use the teller machine, use the public toilet, get the items you need off the shelf.

Inclusion means that you feel like you are welcome, you belong and you are important.

If you would like any help to fill in this survey or would like to talk to someone about your responses, please call us at Mission Australia NDIS Partners in the Community on 1800 931 543 option 6 Berri.

If you have any further enquiries or wish to discuss your needs/concerns please call a Mission Australia community engagement facilitator, or speak with the Berri Barmera Council's Community Development Team on 8582 1922.

This survey uses tick boxes and multiple choice answers so it is easy to complete. There are some spaces where you can write more information if you like.  

Information about you
We are asking information about you that is non-identifiable but will give us a picture of where and how many people are affected in each town.
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