* 1. Which of the five elements below do you think you need most? Place them in order of importance from 1-5 (1 the least important - 5 the most important)?

  not important slightly important neither important nor unimportant important very important
(1) a SKILLS component, involving such activities as teaching observation and practice in various forms.
(2) a METHODOLOGY component (theory in the weak sense)
(3) a THEORY component (in the strong sense), dealing with theories of language, learning and teaching.
(4) a SUBJECT MATTER component, i.e. study of the language itself (in all its aspects)and of the culture and literature associated with it.
(5) a LANGUAGE IMPROVEMENT component, designed to improve the teacher’s proficiency in the language, either generally, or with specific pedagogic purposes in mind.

* 2. Please specify reasons for your choice you ranked the most important for you?

* 3. Are you a native speaker of English?

* 4. Years of experience

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* 6. Degree

* 7. Major

* 8. Where are you currently working?

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