Circle the appropriate letter for each question listed below.

* 1. Enter your Last Name and First Initial. Ex.(Trump, D.)

* 2. If someone gave you $100 as a gift, how likely are you to save at least 25% ($25)?

* 3. Look into the future, you are a college graduate, working and living in your own apartment. How likely is it that you will start saving for retirement?

* 4. How important is it that you learn about managing money?

* 5. How likely would you budget your money if you had a job?

* 6. If you were 25 years old and had a very good job. Would you invest your money?

* 7. If you could not pay all your bills because of credit cards debt, how likely would you seek credit counseling?

* 8. How important is it for you to understand how financial aid impacts college decisions?

* 9. How likely is it that money will play an important role in your career choices?

* 10. How important is it to you to be wealthy?