Should Clilstore be improved to become a free web3 service?

Your answers will help us know the strengths and weaknesses of the present version of Clilstore

* 1. How much of an impact may a web3 update of Clilstore have on your future use of the tool? (i.e. cloud based, reliable, integration with different exercise types, interface, faster, etc.)

* 2. How  easy has it been for you to author units in the present version of Clilstore?

* 3. How  easy is it for students to use the present Clilstore outputs?

* 4. How useful were the Clilstore help files when you started using Clilstore?

* 5. Overall, have you been satisfied or dissatisfied with the learning benefits Clilstore offers your students?

* 6. How likely is it that you would recommend using Clilstore to a friend or colleague?


* 7. Other comments