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* 3. Do you think the economy is...

* 4. In the past year, have you made cutbacks in your day-to-day spending?

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* 6. The recession has impacted my life directly.

* 7. This economic downturn has impacted my romantic life.

* 8. Please tell me a bit about how the economic downturn has or has not impacted your romantic life or marriage/family. (Short answer)

* 9. I have considered postponing a major life event because of the current financial situation:

* 10. If there’s a silver lining in this financial gloom and doom it is that...
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* 11. Are you more or less frugal than your parents?

* 12. This time next year, my personal finances will have improved.

* 13. This time next year, the economy generally will be better than it is right now.