* 1. Do you want your child to score their very best on the SAT?

Your child recently took the PSAT test at Freeport Middle School.  Each student's individual scores from the PSAT are directly linked to the College Board website.  The College Board website can use your child's score to determine which high school AP courses your child is suited for, which specific questions your child can study to improve their SAT score, which colleges and universities will accept your child's scores and careers that suit your child.

PSAT Parent Night will be led by guest speaker Brian Barnes.  He is a representative from The Florida Partnership and College Board.  He will be teaching parents how to use the College Board website to their students' fullest advantage to improve their SAT scores for college admissions.

Please respond yes or no whether you would be interested in attending PSAT Parent Night pne evening at 6:00 pm at FMS (date to be determined.)