* 1. Group name at SAYCO:

* 2. Your name

* 3. What were the highlights of SAYCO 2017 for your young people?

* 4. What changes could be made for SAYCO 2018 to serve your young people better?

* 5. What were the ‘God moments’ that you saw in your young people at SAYCO 2017?

* 6. Please indicate below how you felt SAYCO 2017 rated in the following areas:

  Not great Alright Good Great! Fantastic! N/A
Worship Team
MC/Squad Times
Small Groups
Night Life
Security/Traffic Management
Registration Process
Handbook/Fact Sheets/Forms

* 7. What would you like to see at SAYCO next year?

* 8. How does SAYCO provide a ministry opportunity or give other benefits to your church?

* 9. Do you find it easier or harder to get buy-in to SAYCO than for other youth events you run?

* 10. If you have any interest in being on Team SAYCO next year, which areas would be of interest to you? Choose up to 5.

* 11. Any other comments?